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Mac under a rock
I have been living under a rock.

Hello traveler, my name is Mac and I have been camping for about two decades now. I love everything camping, exploration, and outdoors.

Before every camping trip, I would always gather all my gear but almost inevitably forget at least a few things. I tried to find a comprehensive checklist online but most of them were static pages meant to be printed out and checked off with a pen. Wanting a more modern solution but unable to find one I decided to create my own and that is how CampingGearChecklist.com was born. My main goal with this site was to create a checklist that would work on both computers but more importantly on smartphones.  Another important feature I wanted was for it to remember my selections without having to create an account.

Along with the main checklist you can find guides, gear reviews, and some articles I have gathered up and more!

Safe travels,